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We’re proud to be helping Canberra’s Capital Brewing reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimising waste.

Capital Brewing celebrated World Environment Day by sharing this quote:

Goterra are absolute legends, they drop food waste bins to our site and come and collect them a few times a week. Our food waste is taken to the Goterra facility and fed to black soldier fly larvae. These black soldier fly larvae work their magic and our waste then becomes a resource to produce high quality products, mainly protein that can be used directly in pet food and as a replacement for high impact protein ingredients in animal feed.

The best part? Goterra send us a rad little progress report every month that shows us how much food we have diverted from landfill. This makes us feel warm and happy on cold dark days.

Here are their May 2021 stats!

  • 535kg food waste recycled (or about 1770 burgers)
  • 21kg of livestock feed created for Australian farmers
  • 1017kg of C0² emissions prevented

Now go grab some of those good natured brews on their website!