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Food waste bioconversion

We use insects to process food waste in modular, autonomous waste management units.
Goterra's Modular Biological Services (MIB unit on site at Lendlease

Modular waste management units

Our Modular Infrastructure for Biological Services (MIBs) are a revolutionary innovation that use insects to process food waste. Black soldier fly larvae convert food waste into high-value, low-impact protein and fertiliser in just 12 days.

We integrate our units into your existing waste infrastructure with no disruption to your services. Or process your waste at our facilities.

It’s cost effective, eco-friendly and sustainable. And will change the way you manage waste forever.

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Food and organic waste we handle

Pre-consumer waste

We manage food processing waste, kitchen waste and retail waste. We accept packaged waste, meat, dairy and citrus.

Post-consumer waste

We manage restaurant waste and household food waste. Our insects consume greasy food waste and biodegradable packaging.

Hard-to-manage waste

We have a high tolerance for contamination like plastic packaging. Our insects also consume human effluent.

Integrated waste management services

Onsite infrastructure

We install our modular, autonomous units directly where waste is produced, eliminating your haulage and trucking costs. We service the units and show you how to get the most value from them.

Ideal if you produce 2 tonnes or more of organic waste per day.

Waste collection

We also process waste at our central facilities. You can start a new service or switch from your existing collection service with no disruption to your waste management system.

Great for businesses direct or food waste collection providers.

Sustainable benefits for you and the planet

Achieving sustainability outcomes

Woolworths set a target that they’ll have zero food waste going to landfill by 2025. Goterra is a key element of achieving that outcome.

We’re proud to partner with each other to accelerate the journey to a circular economy.

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Partner with us

If your organisation generates food or organic waste, and you would like to play your part in growing the circular economy in Australia, please get in touch.

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