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Insect products

We produce high-value, organic protein and fertiliser from food waste.
Goterra's insect farms convert food waste into sustainable insect protein and fertiliser.

Sustainable insect farming

Our insect farms produce high-value protein ingredients for animals, plants and people. Insects working in tandem with our revolutionary technology consume food and organic waste in just 12 days. The result is a low carbon alternative food source that’s natural, healthy and sustainable.

We use waste as a resource to feed our insects instead of throwing it away, adding nutrients back into the food chain.

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Insect protein and fertiliser products

Black soldier fly protein

You can use this sustainable insect meal directly in pet food, or to replace high impact protein in animal feed and aquaculture.

Mealworm protein

Safe for human consumption and pets, we feed these insects on clean food waste, making their protein natural and nutritious.


This nutrient-rich insect byproduct enhances soil and makes it more productive and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Convenient product supply

Order as needed

You can order insect products in large volume and as needed. Contact us to discuss collection or transport.

Monthly subscription

Don’t want to miss out on regular supply? Subscribe and we’ll send your products every month, without you having to worry about it.

Sample packs

Want to try our insect protein or fertiliser? A sample pack is a great volume for trials, testing and blend discovery.

Achieving sustainability outcomes

Jillamatong farmer Martin Royds loves our eco-friendly insect products.

Instead of tips getting filled up with waste, he's pleased we're turning it into a high-value recycled product that benefits the environment.

Partner with us

If your farm or business would benefit from natural insect protein or fertiliser, and you would like to play your part in growing the circular economy in Australia, please get in touch.

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